In what has since been pointed out to me as a possible moment of personal crisis, a couple of months before my 30th birthday and with the summer of relative freedom waning, I set out from my sisters place in south London on an old vintage Raleigh Equipe bike, with a rusty pannier rack and bag, a speaker, and on a whim, my passport.

Three and a half weeks later, in mid October 2020, I was standing under the Lanterna Punta della Dogana, looking south from Venice.

I passed through Dover, Lille, Strasbourg, Basil, Geneva, Milan, and Verona. I only got one flat tyre, and the rusty rack snapped.

I left without too much thought for where I’d end up. I told myself this period would give me lots of time to think about the year that has passed, and events that were to come. But as I started cycling, all I could think of was which town I was coming up to, how much further I had to go that day, do I take a left or a right, was the weather good enough to sleep outside? My brain was more or less totally blank to anything important as I cycled, and I slept like a baby for the whole trip, looking and feeling 10 years younger by the end.

I returned to England, into a 10 day quarantine.

I normally work on longer projects with clear conceptual ideas and frameworks. But these photographs are simply what I saw and brought back with me from that three and a half week period. They are simply an exercise in seeing, without thinking.