Made up from the spare pages of Arabia Opus, Remix is a playful re-interpreting of three separate projects into a single coherent mash up of imagery. Every page was hand cut and spontaneously assembled, meaning each book is unique.

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Self Published, January 2022. 

Edition of 15 + 1 AP.


Perfect bound. Each book is unique. Varying page numbers. 

Featuring all three projects from Arabia Opus. Printed images on recycled paper. 

Arabia Opus

"Gilgamesh, the ancient king of Mesopotamia, crossed waters by boat in search of answers to life. Unlike Gilgamesh, I wasn’t too sure what I was doing there."

Arabis Opus comprises of three projects, that stem from my childhood memories of the Iraq War and War on Terror, which not only highlighted the region to me during a young and impressionable age, but also brought up difficult questions about my own country and power. These same uneasy questions and feeling came back to me as I watched the Arab Spring unfurl from afar. 

The work gradually grew out of an initial idea and curiosity, as I felt out the work and came to realise my interest in this place. The projects follow the Tigris river through Iraq, explore the Syrian crisis, and then wander out into the Arabian landscape.

To order a copy, send an email to me at, or DM me on Instagram

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Postage Worldwide

£3.50 UK

£8 EU

£20 Rest Of World

Self Published, July 2021. 

Edition of 47 + 3 Artist Copies.


Set of 5 soft cover books with 148 pages and a sleeve of 10 folded prints. 

Featuring all three projects from Arabia Opus. 92 digitally printed images on recycled paper. 75 by the artist, 17 collected from others. Screen printed covers and binding done by myself. Presented in a screen printed paper wrap

Notes for Arabia Opus

As an optional addition to the Arabia Opus publication, you can opt in for a small zine of scans from the notebooks I kept during the making of the work. It is not a necessary part of the Arabia Opus publication, but an optional supplementary piece. 

- £2 when bought with Arabia Opus


56 pages.

Staple Bound.